2017 BFI Symposium Presentations



2015 BCC BFI National Symposium Presentations


Michelle LeDrew - Canadian Perspective of BFI (PowerPoint) (anglais)

Kathy Venter - Mapping the BFI Journey (PDF) (anglais)

Doris Balcarras - Our BFHI Journey (PowerPoint (anglais))

Marie-France The Baby Friendly Certification at St. Mary’s Hospital Center: Then and Now (PowerPoint) (anglais)

Jill Mather - Journey to Baby-Friendly Initiative Designation (PowerPoint) (anglais)

Catherine Lowes - Community Health Services Experience: Engaging the Community (PowerPoint) (anglais)

Michelle Buckner - Peer Breastfeeding Support (PowerPoint) (anglais)

Louise Dumas - Skin-to-skin at birth (PowerPoint) (anglais)

Louise Dumas - peau-à-peau à la naissance (PowerPoint) (français)

Kathy Venter - Non medical supplementation. Supporting maternal confidence (PDF) (anglais)

Dawn Ridd Manitoba’s Breastfeeding Strategy (PowerPoint) (anglais)

Tina Swinamer - Provincial Breastfeeding Policy Evaluation (PowerPoint) (anglais)

Laura Matz - Incorporating BFI Messages Everyday (PowerPoint) (anglais)

Kim Williams - One Step Closer to Baby Friendly Designation (PowerPoint) (anglais)

Marina Green - Data collection – what is needed for BFI Designation (PowerPoint) (anglais)

Catherine Lowes - Provincial Infant Feeding Surveillance Pilot Study (PowerPoint) (anglais)

Minister of Health - Welcome (PDF) (anglais)

Ministre de la Santé - Bienvenue (PDF) (français)



2011 BCC BFI National Symposium Presentations

Applying the BFI in a Broader Context (Two Rivers Family Health Team)

Dr. Clinton (a copy must be requested via bfi@breastfeedingcanada.ca)

The BFI: Exploring the Revised Indicators (BCC BFI Assessment Committee)

Halton: A Community Approach to the BFI (Eileen Chuey & Carol Di Bon, Monica Friesen, Angela Moyer)

Swedish Perinatal Practices in Tertiary Hospitals, Based on Evidences (Louise Dumas, Linda Lemire)

Breastfeeding: The Best Start in Life (David Morley)

The State of the BFI in Canada (BCC Provincial/Territorial BFI Committee)

2011 BCC BFI National Symposium Virtual Display

2011 BCC BFI National Symposium Virtual Display